Luis is a street photographer and multidisciplinary artist based in London. His work approaches the human and narratives of a humanistic character. His work has been featured, published and exhibited internationally, most notably at Art Basel Miami as a Miami Street Photography Finalist and featured in the British Journal of Photography.

As a cartoonist, Luis is making a return to the art after a long hiatus, of mainly personal work however he has had work recently exhibited at the Festival of Economy of Trento in 2018, under the theme "Technology and Jobs". Luis loves the natural and free expression of pencil and paper but has started to engage in digital techniques striving to strike a balance between the two mediums for greater expression.

Luis currently also explores code to create engaging, interactive art and physical objects, exploring play and mimicry.

Group Exhibition

London Photo Show 2020


Selected Works:

No Nations”,”No Closets, No Cages”, “Fairy Princess Mermaid Barbie”

October 2020

Group Exhibition

Photography Expo 2020

Hansfords and Sons Gallery, Emerging Artist Platform

Selected Works:

Pluvia”,”C'est Catastrophique”, “Prey”

September 2020

Xposure Photo Festival  2019

Sharjah Expo Center, Dubai


Miami Street Photography Festival 2018 Finalists Exhibition

September 19-22, 2019

Miami Street Photography Festival 2018


Selected Work:

"Hair Raising News"

Art Basel Miami / History Miami Museum / Street Photo Milano 2018

Dec 18 (Miami) & May 19 (Milano)

Group exhibition

Stranger than Fiction”

Selected works:

Hair Raising News”

Spazio Millepiani, Rome

May 2019

Group exhibition


Selected works:

"Idiosyncracies of the Human" and "CH4RL13"

Espacio Gallery, London, UK

September 2018

Group Exhibition

Selected Works:

" Moments of Color"

Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

June 2018

Group exhibition

Selected Works:


Spazio Millepiani Rome, Italy

June 2018

Brighton Photo Biennial, Brighton Photo Fringe 2014: Night Contact

Selected works by Thurston Moore

Speak to the wild / Reach for the wire / Protect your child / (From) empty empire The king has come to join the band”

Thurston Moore, Speak to the Wild, from The Best Day (Matador, September 2014)

Oct-Dec 2014


- Publications (Print/Online, various from 2006 onwards but here are some highlights):

Eyeem # PressForProgress March 18


British Journal of Photography

"Injecting Creativity into Commercial Photography"

Dec 17


GreenPeace: People of The Oceans

in partnership with Eyeem

Dec 16

Getty Reportage Highlights


Apr 16


"Our World and Us: How our environment and societies will change"

Feb 2015



"Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge. 14th Edition"


"Anthropology: The Human Challenge. 14th Edition"

by William A. Haviland, Harald E. L. Prins, Bunny McBride, Dana Walrath.

Wadsworth, Cengage Learning

Chapter: "Peace through diplomacy", p.291, Figure 12.13


Chapter:"Peace through diplomacy",p.563, Figure 22.13

Cultural Anthropolog:The Human Challenge. 14th Edition

Anthropology: The Human Challenge. 14th edition


The Economist

"With Friends Like These "

Feb 07



October 15-18, 2020

I am among the 17 selected photographers for exhibition at the London Photo Show 2020, ArtFullFrame exhibition at the Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Tower, London.

August 31st-September 6th 2020

My work has been selected for exhibition and representation by Hansfords and Sons' Emerging Artist Platform. The work will be exhibited along side other artists at Hansfords and Sons Gallery, High St, Stony Stratford.